Corked Glass Bottles and Jars

I love the look and functionality of simple corked glass bottles and have an affection for classic items; like my wood manual burr coffee grinder, bottles with corks fit that aesthetic nicely. Aside from the cork being attractive they are just easier to use, simple on and off cork tops. I also like the smaller portions of these particular oil and vinegar bottles from World Market as you can keep them more full looking as opposed to some of the larger bottles that are sold filling them full with 200ml or more of quality vinegar or oil is a lot.

Aside from using them to replace kitchen liquid bottles I recently decided that the ugly mouth wash / Listerine bottle had to stay under the counter but looked for something to leave out on the bathroom countertop. I ended up re-appropriating one of the square bottles from the kitchen to use for keeping mouthwash on the counter. Classy solution and the color of the mouthwash looks awesome through the clear glass. If you are wondering the smaller jar has baking soda in it.


Square Oil Bottle with cork stopper, 100ml: World Market, $2.99
Spice Jar with cork stopper:, $1.50
Large Mouth Jar with cork stopper:, $4.90

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