High Winds and Big Waves On Lake Michigan

Halloween 2014 was showing its own frightening side on Lake Michigan as 40 mph winds and 60 mph gusts sent monster 17 foot waves, measurement from station 45007 at the time, to 21 foot waves crashing against Chicago’s lake shore. With no rain and only the wind to contend with it brought out a few brave souls to view this phenomenal event. Even though Lake Superior had 35 foot waves that sank the  SS Edmund Fitzgerald,  its rare to see even waves this high on Lake Michigan, or at least when the weather permits the trek to the lake.

Even with 5-7 foot waves the place to watch them is right where Montrose Pier starts as the waves get funneled into a break wall for an explosive splash against it. The waves today did just that but with an immense amount more grandeur.

big-waves-lake-michigan-montrose-pier-chicago-2 big-waves-lake-michigan-on-chiago-lake-shore

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