Simple Cable Management for Computers

Due to dual monitors, separate server, UPS, firewall, network switches and a backup arrays that I use for doing my retouching work I always seem to have enough cables to make the perfect original iMac commercial on freeing yourself from cables at the back of my desk. However the reality is I don’t really have a choice on getting rid of any. I recently moved and instead of zip tying up cables together I decided to give this method a try. I really like it as it holds the cables together like you added a few dozen zip ties to each cable pair without the issue of cutting them all when you need to move something.

To accomplish this twist cables coming from or going to a point for as much distance as possible. With a group of cables such as monitor DVI & power cord twist a dozen full twists and end about 8″ from the end.  Put a zip tie or piece of gaff tape to ensure it all stays together at that point. then the cables can neatly go to a UPC and the back of the computer. simple-cable-management-tie-ends

This approach is really simple and most likely doesn’t require buying anything and is easy to remove a single cable without taking apart the whole setup. You can start a twist from two cables not originating from the same place, such as a power cord and usb cord, that end up at the same place, like an external drive. Remember doing something for cable management is better than nothing, loose cords just create a woven nest eventually.

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