Stowing The Trak Kayak Travel Pack

With my recent purchase of a TRAK Kayak I have been looking for a few products to use to make the whole experience even better. My trips Kayaking on Lake Michigan here in Chicago have made it necessary to take the travel pack with me in the kayak. It may seem like you would just leave it in your vehicle but in my situation or when flying with the kayak you may find you need to take everything with you in the kayak. Here in Chicago the great thing about taking the bag with me is I can pack up into the boat and cast off; if I get tired, the weather turns bad or I just want to go further along the shore I can pull up to any suitable place on the shore or river when I finish, pack up and flag down a cab to get home.

The Trak travel bag can of course fit in the included flotation bags however I wanted to find a separate bag that would not only keep it dry but keep it as small as possible. After looking at several lines of dry bags I settled on the Sea to Summit Big River 65L Dry Bag. The choice to go with the Big River line of dry bags was two parts, the material is thicker and more durable, which is especially good in this situation because of the Trak bag having more rigid parts to press against the outer walls. The second part is the two loops on each side was important as well. This allows you to lace shock cords through the loops for secure mounting on the back deck if needed. When mounted on the back deck close to the cockpit it can be used as a back rest for more leisurely adventures.


You can see the Trak bag in the above photo perfectly fits in the Sea to Summit 65L dry bag, almost like it was made for it! The opening also rolls down to four rolls easily providing a very waterproof  and airtight seal.


The filled dry bag can be slid into the stern of the kayak with or without the top pole clipped in. For extended trips it would however be better to get it closer to the bow of the kayak to keep the stern which is easier to get to for items that will be needed more often.

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